The Dos & Don'ts of Wedding Gift Giving

Fall weddings are in full swing at Rooftop Event Spot, with all the coming and going of wedding guests over the last few weeks, we noticed some serious gift-giving faux pas. We could write a whole post on proper wedding guest etiquette, but for today, we wanted to focus on giving gifts at weddings.

We get it! There are a lot of activities going on before, during and even after a wedding, so we got together with our friends over at Zola to put together this helpful list of dos and don'ts for gift giving.

Check out our list below for a surefire way to make sure that, as a wedding guest, you are polite, prompt, and most of all...present (see what we did there?), to enjoy your loved ones' special day, and if you (or someone you know) hasn't checked out Zola, be sure to do so here. Not only do they have a complete registry feature, but they also can assist with wedding websites, check lists, and more!

Let's start with the "Dos"...

1. DO give a gift.

Gifting the happy couple with something on their wedding day is not mandatory, but to attend the festivities (that the couple and/or their families has likely forked over some major dough in order to host you) and not bring a gift is definitely in poor taste. For all the procrastinators out there...if you didn't have time to grab something off of the registry, at the very least, bring a card with you to the wedding.

2. DO stick to the least for the most part.

Believe it or not, the bride and groom did have to go to Crate & Barrel (or Target, or Pottery Barn, etc., etc., etc.) and put some thought and effort into building their registry list....use it! Each item on the registry has a specific purpose that will help the future Mr. and Mrs. build their new life as a married couple. Having said that, if something that isn't on the registry "speaks" to you for the couple, get it and pair it with a smaller registry item!

3. DO be prompt!

The rule we've always heard is that as long as you give a wedding gift before the couple's first anniversary, you're in the clear. Our advice is to save yourself some stress and go ahead and get it taken care of. In today's world of overnight shipping and the ability to mail gifts directly to the couple (when ordering a gift online), there's no excuse to not have a gift given by the wedding day.

And now, on to the "Don'ts"...

1. DON'T break the bank.

Go in with a group to purchase a larger gift from the registry, or if you prefer to give a gift on your own, purchase something within your means. The whole "make sure your gift can pay for your plate" rule seems a little out dated to us. As a guest, it can be really difficult to gage how much is being spent on the wedding, and it would definitely not be polite to ask, so we recommend starting with something around $50 and go from there depending on your relationship to the bride and groom. If the gift is for someone you are closer to, it's more than appropriate to spend more on the gift.

2. DON'T be afraid to give cash.

There's nothing wrong with gifting the newlyweds with money, but be sure to give it with a card. Not only would walking up and stuffing $100 into the groom's jacket pocket seem a little tacky, but it also makes it almost impossible for the couple to send a proper thank you note. With so much going on the day of the wedding, the bride and groom shouldn't have to try and remember who gave what to them as far as gifts are concerned.

3. DON'T be basic.

We've got one word for you....personalization! A sure fire way to take an "inexpensive" gift off of the couple's registry and immediately give it some glamour is to add a touch of personalization! For example, I'm sure the bride and groom will love the towels that you picked off of their registry. How could they not? They picked it out! But what really would shine, is to take those same towels, and add their new monogram to it. Of course, you should know your audience, and if you know a monogrammed towel isn't going to go over well with your loved ones, there are other ways to personalize a gift and make the gift more special according to their personalities.

Do you have some other tips for wedding gift giving? Tell us in the comments!


Rachel @ Rooftop Event Spot

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