2017 Wedding Trends

Everyone is always looking to what the "next big thing" is for weddings, whether it is popular song choices for first dances, floral design, or food offerings, so we've partnered with some of our favorite vendors to bring you the trends you're going to see the most at weddings in 2017.

Flowers by Fox and the Fleur. Photo courtesy of Becca Lea Photography

Floral & Event Design

In 2017, you're definitely going to be seeing green, and we're not talking about envy. Faith Anne Pitts, owner and lead designer over at Fox and the Fleur, said that Pantone's color of the year, Greenery, is definitely present in floral and event design for 2017.

"We’ll see lots of lush greenery throughout wedding design – greenery backdrops, garlands and loose, organic bouquets overflowing with greens. Vines, foliage, and branches add so much texture, depth and interest to floral design."

Greenery backdrops like this one provide awesome texture (and color) for wedding ceremonies!

Additionally, Michael Hamilton, lead floral designer for La Foofaraw, said floral arrangements, specifically bouquets, will have a more natural look.

"The big, tight 'ball' look, while some consider a classic design, is not as popular right now. You'll definitely see more brides holding bouquets that look like they could have picked them themselves. Natural lines will be huge this year."


How many weddings (or any event with a dance floor, for that matter) have you been to that kicked the party of with a good ol' line dance like the Cha Cha Slide? Pretty much every one of them, right? Well Rick Bennett, the owner and lead DJ at Mobile DJ Services, says 2017 is going to show a decline in group dancing songs.

"Some people have to have it, but we've noticed lately that more and more are staying as far away as possible. Much of our Millennial couples are going to, or, are participating in so many weddings, and they're tired of hearing the same songs over and over again. Line dances are at the top of the list of things they opt out of at their weddings."

Photo courtesy of Jacque Manaugh Photography

Of all the things that you won't hear at weddings this year, decade favorites are not one of them. Rick also said that what used to be thought of as "out dated" by many couples (because it was their "parent's" style music) is at the top of their play lists in 2017!

"What is also interesting is that these same Millennials [that are opting out of line dances], are requesting more oldies than current hits. Hits from the 60's-80's, with one of the best decades being the 80's, fill up most of their playlists. Many current songs have so much negativity or profanity, so they really appreciate the stuff from their parents' generation!"

Brunch Wedding Sweetheart Table. Photo courtesy of Dyan Kethley Photography.


If a dinner buffet continues as the reigning king of wedding catering, brunch is queen is 2017! Now, traditionally speaking, we don't think anything will ever replace the Saturday-evening affair, but as a whole, brunch weddings are definitely on the rise this year. Build-your-own breakfast taco stations and chicken and waffles will be popular main course items, and fun Mimosa and/or Bloody Mary bars will put a fun twist on signature drinks for guests to enjoy!

The great thing about brunch weddings is not only do you get to enjoy arguably the greatest meal of all time, but it also gives clients the opportunity to save some money. A brunch wedding will free up some funds in your budget since daytime events usually carry a smaller price tag overall. It's a win-win!

While trends may come and trends may go, one fact remains...weddings are about celebrating the love you and your partner share, and that will never go out of style!

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