The Kasten's Perfect Fall Wedding

In light of today's beautiful (albeit unlikely) weather, we had a flashback to one of last year's weddings where the weather was equally beautiful! Tammy and Phil could not have dreamed of a more beautiful wedding day. When we initially met with them to discuss hosting their wedding, their one fear was Texas weather. They knew that it was hard to predict, however their minds were put at ease when they found out that the majority of our outdoor patio space, where their ceremony would be held, could be closed in the event of bad weather.

They really wanted to really play up the fall-theme at their wedding and planned to utilize all of the colors and flavors of fall, including, you guessed it…pumpkins! With every meeting, they would discuss how they could use pumpkins in some really interesting ways. They decided to use them as the “vases” for their flowers in some of the centerpieces, as well as small, votive candle-holders! They also incorporated the remnants of the autumn season into other details, from the deep, rich hues of the flower arrangements, to the festive cinnamon sticks that wrapped some of the other candle holders and decorations.

Fast forward to October 18. The weather is beautiful…a sunny, 84 degrees. The patio area is set for their intimate wedding ceremony, and the décor is set and stunning for both the ceremony and interior reception. The music begins to play, and with her daughters and best friends by her side, Tammy heads down the aisle to her forever. Nothing could have made this day more beautiful!

Love Tammy and Phil’s idea for the pumpkin votives? Keep scrolling to learn how to make them at home, courtesy of the queen of DIY—Martha Stewart.

DIY Pumpkin Votive Candle-Holders


Miniature Pumpkins

Votive Candles

Floral Cutters

Hand-drill fitted with a 1 ½-inch-wide paddle bit


1. Using floral cutters, trim the stem from the pumpkin.

2. Center the paddle bit over the pumpkin, and drill about ½ inch deep.

3. Insert votive candle into the hole. The pumpkin can be stored in a cool, dry spot for up to one day.

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