How To Pull Off the Perfect Organic-Chic Wedding Reception

We had the pleasure of helping Sarah and Drew plan their wedding reception at Rooftop from afar. As if planning a wedding isn’t stressful enough, these two had to do it from over 1,700 miles away…in Massachusettes! From the first time we spoke with Sarah on the phone, we could tell that she was a laid-back, free spirited person who appreciated all things natural and organic. It was no surprise, then, that she decided to let that part of her personality shine through their wedding décor.

Sarah also opted to purchase our Decorating Package to help take even more stress off of the planning process. The week of the wedding, she brought by all of the décor for the reception and our team got to work!

If you’re looking for a unique, rustic and chic theme for your next event, take a page from Sarah and Drew’s reception you’ll have it made!

Natural Decor

Sarah’s overall color scheme was green, yellow, black and brown. What better way to tie in brown by adding some seriously-aromatic organic coffee beans and rustic, raw cotton? She brought it green and yellow with fresh flowers encased in vases full of sliced lemons and limes. All natural. All gorgeous!

Of course, no “rustic” feel is complete without some burlap, so she finished off the table décor with burlap table runners to tie in the browns and add a bit of texture to the table. It was fabulous!

Organic, Fair-Trade Favors

Sarah found a unique way to further keep in line with the organic-coffee-theme—by giving each guest their own little bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.

Each bag was placed with the table setting which not only made it super simple for guests to claim their favor, but also added a luxurious touch to the place-setting.

(Note to anyone reading: we always recommend dressing the place-setting as much as possible. It adds that little something extra and can make a big difference in the overall look of your event! Remember…it’s all in the details!)

Fresh, Custom Food

One of the best parts about our facility is that we use catering exclusively from Urban Crust and Urban Rio. Sarah and Drew got the best of both worlds and chose Urban Crust’s salad and pizza, and Urban Rio’s Guacamole Station.

There is no better way to support the idea of fresh, local and organic food than Urban Rio’s Guacamole Station. Guests approached Urban Rio’s Chef Attendant and were able to create their own custom guacamole appetizer! Hate tomatoes? Love garlic? Want it extra spicy? We’ve got you covered!

As you can tell, we loved the organic-chic idea behind Drew and Sarah’s wedding reception, and think that everything from the custom guacamole, to the natural centerpieces, perfectly represented the Bride and Groom. To make it even better, their group sure new how to keep the party going right to the

last song of the night!

Congratulations Sarah and Drew! We wish you a lifetime of laughter, love and happiness!

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