T's Grad Party

We’re always scouring the event industry to find the coolest and most hip things to offer to guests at parties and Tevaun’s Graduation Party on June 26 had no shortage of “cool.” We had the pleasure of partnering with Ebony Peoples from Ebony Peoples Events & Design for T’s Grad Party and, man, did she pull out all of the stops! Tevaun’s Grad Party transformed Rooftop into a full-on teen club, complete with paprazzi, VIP lounge, killer DJ and more! There were so many cool aspects to celebrate T’s high school graduation, but here are some of our favorites:

A GRAND Entrance

What’s more “Hollywood” than paparazzi? As soon as guests arrived at Rooftop, they walked a red carpet and had their photo taken in front of a step & repeat with the party’s logo. This larger-than-life step & repeat paired with the photographers created the ambiance of a true “it” club and the guests felt like celebrities.

Graffiti Wall

Hands down, the coolest part of T’s Grad Party was the Graffiti Wall from Air Graffiti Dallas. Think about the coolest photo booth you’ve seen, then multiply it by about 100 and you’ve got the Graffiti Wall.

This over-the-top photo booth combines a traditional green screen photo booth and takes it to the next level by letting you graffiti your own photos! Guests stood in front of the green screen for their photos, which was instantly transferred to a full-sized screen that used infared technology “spray cans” to draw on the photos. Guests could choose their paint color and shape as wellas pick cool treatments like neon, stamps and stencils! Once the guests were done creating their artwork, the photos printed out in about 7 seconds. So cool!

We set up the Graffiti Wall in our north break out space, which provided the perfect amount of space for the activity and was still in close proximity to all the other things going on at the party.

All of the guests had so much fun customizing their photos, and it provided a really cool favor to take home. The Graffiti Wall would be great at any celebration, from weddings to corporate events!


An easy way to transform the look and feel of an event is by adding cool furniture. Ebony enlisted DFW Lounge Rentals to provide the chic lounge furniture for the party, along with some awesome LED side tables. The lounge furniture spread throughout the space, including the VIP area, along with the cocktail tables provided by Rooftop truly gave the party that “club” feel.

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