The Natvigs: A Golden Anniversary

At Rooftop, we are so fortunate to be a part of the beginning of so many couple’s marriages. We get to see the big white dress and first dance, and hear toasts and blessings that are wished upon the happy couple during the one of the most important days of their lives—their wedding day.

We love love, and celebrating the marriage of two people, which is why we were so excited when Curtis and Irma Natvig decided to host their 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration with us. For many of our couples, we are celebrating the beginning, but with the Natvigs, we not only were able to celebrate the beginning, but also all of the moments over the last fifty years that got them to today.

We met with Curtis and Irma to discuss the theme for the event, and the answer so fun! “We want it romantic and simple, and to dance! All of our friends from our dancing class will be there, and we want a really nice, fun event where we can all dance.”

In recent years, Curtis and Irma began taking ballroom dancing classes together and discovered a true love for the art. We helped enlist the services of United Party Rentals to supply the wooden dance floor for their event, and Irma, along with the help of their children, put together beautiful centerpieces with romantic, red roses and candles.

Our favorite part, though, was the various shapes and sizes of ivory and yellow paper lanterns that hung from the ceiling during the event. It allowed for a soft, romantic glow above everyone as they celebrated the Natvigs and their marriage.

During a meeting prior to the event, we asked Curtis and Irma their advice on how to make a marriage last for fifty years. Their answer? Laugh a lot and make sure you love the person, even when you may not like them. That sounds good enough to us!

Congratulations to the Natvigs!

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